Investment in WhereIsMyTransport


In emerging-market megacities, hundreds of millions of people use public transport to get where they need to go. Before WhereIsMyTransport, there was no central source of data for these networks, despite their size, scale, and importance. WhereIsMyTransport helps people understand mobility in emerging-market megacities. WhereIsMyTransport’s data production methodology creates accurate, up-to-date, and complete data from every mode of public transport, of every operational style. The company works with dedicated local teams to maintain data accuracy as networks change.

Their work began in Africa, mapping some of the most dynamic public transport on the planet, before taking their expertise to Latin America, Southeast Europe, and South and Southeast Asia. The company’s suite of tools is custom-built for digitalizing information from the dynamic public transport networks of emerging-market megacities. Their data production methodology is informed by a million-dollar program of ethnographic research into public transport use in emerging markets. This combination of people, product, and process delivers mobility data that makes smarter solutions to real-world problems possible.

This round of investment will provide WhereIsMyTransport with growth capital, to map more transit networks in cities around the world.