Investment in Oollee


Oollee is a subscription-based provider of water purifiers. Company was built with the goal of eliminating bottled water and providing unlimited high-quality filtered water to communities. For a monthly subscription fee of 29$ Oollee provides drinking water to families living in the Bay Area. Oollee is a smart connected device with built in reminder for ordering and replacing filters. Device allows checking the water condition, usage and temperature.

We seeded Oollee to jumpstart company’s sales in state of California.

With ever increasing concerns around the quality of tap water, bottled water usage has seen significant increase throughout the world, albeit at the cost of higher plastic usage. Umit Khiarollev, CEO and co- founder of the company believes that Oollee is a solution to the problem.

Our primary goal of investing in Oollee is to improve society’s access to quality water.