Investment in Hut 8 Mining


After investing in Bitfury Group – world’s largest full service blockchain company, Mission Gate made a complementary seed investment in Hut 8 Mining Corp. which was later listed on Toronto Stock Exchange.

Located in Alberta, Canada, Hut 8 is one of the lowest cost miners in the world. Company has signed an exclusive partnership with Bitfury Group, whereas it has an exclusive option to develop Bitfury’s data centers across North America.

Today, Hut 8 is the world’s largest publicly-traded cryptocurrency miner. Company currently operates 2 data centers across Medicine Hat and Drumheller harnessing 109.4 MW of capacity and 963 Ph/s hashpower. Hut 8 has mined more than 12,305 bitcoins up to date

Company allows investors indirect exposure to bitcoin, without technical complexity of holding the actual asset.