Investment in Hot Key Excellence


Hot Key Excellence is an innovative learning solution in a form of a computer game that makes you fast and efficient in Excel by introducing over 200 Hot Keys and Shortcuts and over 70 Excel Formulas and Functions in a fun and easy way. Game specifically meets the demands of professionals in finance, investment banking, accounting and consulting.

We seeded Hot Key Excellence to jumpstart its online sales platform and upgrade its UX/UI interface.

Mastering excel shortcuts increases productivity when working in excel. High efficiency and speed are special qualities that many employers look into professionals, especially in finance. We believe Hot Key Excellence provides innovative and smart approach to acquiring excel smart skills.

As a next stage of development, company plans to add other game-based learning solutions to its portfolio by the beginning of 2020.

Our primary goal of investing in Hot Key Excellence is to help individuals master excel and other computer programs in a highly efficient way.