Investment in DNAnudge


DnaNudge’s COVID Nudge test is a rapid, accurate, portable and lab-free RT-PCR test that delivers results at the point of need and in just over an hour. The test is authorised by the MHRA for clinical use and has subsequently obtained its CE mark. An average sensitivity – compared against numerous NHS lab-based tests – is around 95% and specificity around 100%. Additionally, DnaNudge can test from 2 up to 10 people on the same COVID Bubble Test cartridge as part of their “Peace of Mind” service, offering a low-cost testing method for you and your bubble.

Apart from COVID-19 testing, DnaNudge specializes in applying DNA analysis to healthier food choices. Each one of us is genetically unique and our DNA determines what foods are good or bad for us. One size does not fit all, and generalised recommendations may not be right for you. DnaNudge enables you to use your own DNA, your own biology, to inform your everyday choices – it makes health personal.

The DnaNudge App holds your unique DNA report showing your genetic predispositions and risk levels – red, amber or green – to a number of nutrition-related health traits. Now, each time you shop and scan a product and the App will show you personalised product recommendations based on your own DNA.

DnaNudge will use the proceeds of this investment round to increase its production capacity, as well as expand its R&D activities.