Investment in Bitfury


We believe that blockchain will change the world.

Alongside Queensbridge Venture Partners, Binary Financial, ZAD Investment Company and other prominent investors, we provided several rounds of hybrid financing to Bitfury Group – world’s leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider and one of the largest bitcoin miners.

Funds were used to accelerate growth and strengthen market position by speeding up ASIC development and manufacturing, as well as building out facilities in strategic locations around the globe.

Today, valued at more than $1.0 billion, Bitfury is a leading full-service blockchain technology company in the world. It is the leader in producing Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) for Bitcoin mining. Bitfury sells ASICs, servers and other solutions to crypto mining companies around the world. It also operates mining datacenters in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Georgia.

Currently, Bitfury is diversifying its product offering by launching artificial intelligence unit, which will be focused on developing and delivering robust AI products to customers. Bitfury believes AI to be the best and most efficient method for analyzing big data while ensuring the trust of this data through its blockchain products.

Company has been playing significant role in bitcoin industry since its inception, with extreme focus on achieving widespread adoption of blockchain products and constant development of new services to offer to its customers worldwide.