Founded in 2014 by George Bachiashvili, Mission Gate is a venture capital firm backing startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world with necessary resources for realizing their full potential. We invest in seed and early-stage startups in the internet, mobile, blockchain, innovative consumer products and other industries. Through our network and experience, we are connecting entrepreneurs with the industry leaders and top talent, while providing them with an entire spectrum of insights to guide them through all phases of growth.


Investing in:

Rapidly growing, emerging industries and innovative, industry-disrupting ideas

We at Mission Gate strive to fuel entrepreneurs in industries that are currently emerging and support innovators with industry-disruptive ideas. Our investments span across blockchain, fin-tech, and innovative customer product spaces.

Companies in early stages of development

We view ourselves as early enablers – providing entrepreneurs with industry insights, the network of partners, mentors and talent, along with the needed growth capital

With no geographic focus

In today’s globalized economy, we believe innovative products and ideas can be found around the world. We have invested in companies in Silicon Valley as well as in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean